We Stand As One

We Stop Common Core Illinois!

This is the advocacy we’ve been trying to fight for since the Common Core State Standards started to be adopted several years ago. With the goal of the federal government centering on equity among students across the United States when it comes to competency and efficiency of the education they acquire, it is still not apparent how this will serve the interest of the students - how by having an equal measure of standards could make them excel more.

But how about those students who have been competitive enough even before this regulation was put into place? They are the living evidence that competitiveness does not come after the implementation of the regulation. That with or without the implementation of common core, they are still competitive notwithstanding. What more is that this removes the power to parents to make smart decisions for their kids. This is tyranny coated in technical, sweet sounding promises. This is revoking their right to choose. So where is the good in that?

The impact of the implementation of the common core does not only lies on the students and the parents, it also has a negative impact on the teachers and the schools as a whole. One, this is another difficult adjustment for curriculum that are already set up since time immemorial. The adjustment is not instant and although realistically speaking this is expected, the adjustment is just hampering the education of the students. The teaching style is not only changed but the way students learn as well. This brings to those schools who are just starting the implementation of this regulation now compare to those who have been using the same educational system longer. Also due to this difficulty, many veteran instructors have long since resigning and moving on to new careers because of this. And have anyone considered the requirements of those students with special needs? Common Core does not provide any allowances for this from their standardized examinations and mode of learning. They even focus only on two subjects namely English and Math. Where are other important subjects of learning such as science which is also one important area of studies? Are electives and extra courses not any more important?

Since we are all in this together we would like to hear more about what you think. We want to be able to create a comprehensive plan that would initiate an action. As such, we would like to host a forum at our place in Illinois. It will be held on February 15. Free snacks and drinks to those who will come. We specifically fixed our garage to accommodate the number of participants. We even had our garage door fixed with the help of a garage door service we found at this site - www.garagedoornation.com.

We’ll be waiting for you as we create better choices for our children and the children of our community. They say that the ower of the nation lies on the youth. Let us help them be the country’s ammunition by providing them the right choice to education.

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