Resources & Links

Other Illinois Groups Working on Common Core

  • Most Illinois patriot groups/tea parties/9-12 groups have a Common Core resources.  To find you local group please go HERE
  • Heartland Institute in Chicago:
  • Illinois Citizens for Better Education (Peoria area): Website HERE
  • More than a Score - working on securing Illinois student privacy. Website HERE
  • Excellent Illinois Website with Illinois Common Core Information:
  • Very comprehensive website with additional information/videos:  Restore Our Constitution Decatur Illinois
  • Madison County IL Facebook Page:

Great General Information about Common Core

  • Group working to prevent student data being used for commercial purposes:
  • National group working on student privacy:
  • Pioneer Institute studies:  Legality, Quality and Costs:
  • Excellent Quick fact sheet from HSLDA:
  • Great organization with comprehensive information:
  • Heartland Institute Common Core Policy links:
  • Information about Opting out of standardized tests:
  • Official Common Core State Initiative Website:
  • Anti-Common Core Facebook Pages by state:
  • The NEA (teacher’s union) support/involvement in Common Core:
  • Great Common Core Blog:
  • Video of panel of academic experts discuss objections to Common Core:
  • Information about the connection between Common Core and the UN global initiative known as Agenda 21: 
  • Information about the roll out of CCSS prior to it being fully developed/tested:

Media Appearances

Pulitzer Center Article citing Stop Common Core Illinois HERE

Conservative Revolution Radio appearance by activist Erin Raasch HERE

Illinois Common Core Summit with Congressman Randy Hultgren HERE

National expert Joy Pullmann from the Heartland Institute Illinois presentation.  Video courtesy of Champion News:

Common Core Summit - Grayslake Illinois October 2013

Stop Common Core Illinois radio appearance 9-29-2013

In Depth Radio appearance on Assignment America Radio Show September 16, 2013: Illinois town hall meeting June, 2013 appearance on Champion News.  Watch the series of short videos below to learn the basics of common core in less than an hour. 

 Denise Cattoni from  speaks at a rally in Chicago, Illinois

One Response to Resources & Links

  1. ilpatriot says:

    Contact your state legislator and state senator to express your concerns. Talk to other parents and get a group together to attend school board meetings. Outside of that, many parents are opting to send their children to private school or to homeschool. You can supplement the math at school using homeschool curriculum or online learning. There are so many children who are struggling like yours.

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