IL GOP Gov. Candidate Brady campaign: Brady will work to eliminate Common Core in IL #stopcommoncore @BruceRauner @KirkDillard @SenBillBrady @RutherfordDan

Yesterday, we posted a copy of a 2010 letter from then GOP Gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady which endorsed Race to the Top education reforms in Illinois (see letter HERE.)

Race to the Top is the US Department of Education initiative which tied federal funding to the adoption of several reform programs, including the controversial Common Core State Standards.  In December of 2011, Illinois was awarded federal Race to the Top funds.

Today, a spokesperson from the the Bill Brady campaign office has reached out to an Illinois citizen to clarify Bill Brady’s current opposition to Common Core.

“Senator Brady is adamantly opposed to the intrusion of the federal government into our local schools through Common Core or any other program.  His letter in 2010 was intended only to voice support for additional funding to Illinois, not to support any greater federal intervention in our schools.  As Governor, he will work to eliminate Illinois’ participation in Common Core.  He is the only candidate for Governor today who has consistently said he believes education decisions should be made by local school districts, parents and teachers, not bureaucrats in Washington and Springfield.  He first introduced legislation in 2003 (SB 1519) to abolish the Illinois State Board of Education to help achieve the goal of greater local control.”

Note:  The other GOP candidates have stated they are for ‘local control’ of education and that they are opposed to federal overreach.  However, none other have stated that they would actively work to eliminate Common Core from Illinois schools.


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3 Responses to IL GOP Gov. Candidate Brady campaign: Brady will work to eliminate Common Core in IL #stopcommoncore @BruceRauner @KirkDillard @SenBillBrady @RutherfordDan

  1. Judy Ramsay says:

    What is the source for this one? He’s going to be here today and I’m going yo confront him about it

    All of these guys spend all of their time bashing each other instead of telling us what they stand for Judy

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  2. Your Mom says:

    I don’t see his name on Kyle McCarter’s Resolution to delay Common Core State Standards, he needs to do more than give lip service. Brady wants to reduce ISBEs power which is completely out of control. If Rauner gets his way and shuts down unions then please tell me who will defend the people against ISBE, who??

  3. Your Mom says:

    I don’t like unions but they were given too much power on purpose, hint….there are no unions is a communist system. Looks like the elite are just about done with them, after all they don’t answer the unions cries about teacher evals or obamacare. Looks like the unions better wake up.

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