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This PowerPoint presentation (with or without narration) is available upon request. Please CLICK HERE TO EMAIL US:  [email protected] if you would like to become a Common Core speaker or if your organization would like to book a Common Core presentation.

UPDATE 1: (6/14/2013):  We recently received information from the Illinois Department of Education regarding inBloom (the database management company used to conduct a field test of the Illinois Shared Learning Environment (ISLE) in Bloomington-Normal.) School districts which received Race to the Top grants are slated to use inBloom and it is unclear how many will.  Chicago has pulled out.  Other school districts which did not receive the grants can opt in or they can opt to use other systems via their own vendors.

UPDATE 2: (8/2013):  The PARCC computerized testings have been delayed.  This year, Illinois students will take continue taking the ISAP tests.  However, the tests have been rewritten to be Common Core aligned.

UPDATE 3:  This presentation mentions the Race to the Top funds.  In addition, Illinois receive 2.1 billion in Stimulus funds via the State Fiscal Stabilization Funds.  This gives more ‘teeth’ to the concept that adoption of common core (and other related federal initiatives) were influenced by the receipt of stimulus money.

UPDATE 4:  The Shared Learning Environment vendor inBloom has closed it’s doors due to public outcry.  It is unclear how each school district will proceed if they are still interested in integrating student data in the Shared Learning Environment model.

An excellent panel discussion with top Common Core experts.  It is worth taking the time to watch this program.

Excellent presentation by Common Core expert Dr. Duke Pesta

3 Responses to Video Presentation

  1. Carol D. says:

    I just watched this narrated presentation, and it is excellent. I highly recommend it if you want to get up to speed with the Common Core labyrinth. It’s a complex issue, and the narration helps to clarify the points in the presentation. Thanks!

  2. Shelly Quinn says:

    Excellent. I’m very interested in helping this cause.

  3. Linda says:

    South Carolina is waking up to the realities of CCS and we are going to fight it with everything we have. I read many English language arts books, 9th grade through 12th, and the books are permeated with global warming, social engineering, and constant, constant drumming that America got where we are by stepping on other people and cultures. How this differs from any other culture is beyond me. If this goes through, America is dead. Please, Illinois, get involved; whatever your state school board has not already passed, start a plan TODAY!!!

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