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U.S. education secretary Arne Duncan says critics of Common Core standards ‘are lying’ about federal role #commoncore #stopcommoncore

NOTE:  Here we go again; Arne Duncan lectures the press as he continues to loses control of the narrative about Common Core. Oregon Live - U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan emphatically called on education reporters today to truth-squad critics’ … Continue reading

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Breitbart - Though New York Times columnist Bill Keller’s editorial, “War on the Core,” sounds like it’s supposed to be about the Common Core curriculum standards, it’s really just another tirade from the left about conservatives. For example, within his first two paragraphs, … Continue reading

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2-out-of-3 Americans Never Heard of Common Core #stopcommoncore

Caffeinated Thoughts - by Shane Vander Hart, With forty-five states adopting the Common Core State Standards this is arguably the biggest shift we’ve had in education policy in decades, and most Americans never heard of them. The Washington Post reports: The disconnect … Continue reading

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Media Matters acknowledges that Common Core is an Obama initiative #stopcommoncore

By Kyle Olson WASHINGTON, D.C. – The radical attack group Media Matters obviously didn’t get a copy of the White House Common Core talking points. Defenders of the national education standards like to insist that the initiative was “state-led” … Continue reading

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Education Reformers Are Trying To Smear Common Core Critics As Know-Nothings And Cretins #stopcommoncore

Perdido Street School - Former NY Times editor and current columnist Bill Keller attacked opponents to the Common Core standards as a “very loud, often paranoid, if-that-Kenyan-socialist-in-the-White-House-is-for-it-I’m-against-it crowd.”  Keller acknowledges that there are opponents to the standards on the left “but … Continue reading

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Common Core Reformers Call on Pearson Funded Public Relations Campaign to Sell Their Message #stopcommoncore

Missouri Education Watchdog - We stumbled upon a public relations pamphlet being passed out in Missouri by the National School Public Relations Association to counter the arguments of those against Common Core standards.  From Common Core Needs More Local Communication Now!: … Continue reading

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Will the Common Core Lobby Bully the Left as it Has Bullied the Right? #stopcommoncore

The Missouri Education Watchdog - The left and the right are combining forces in opposing Common Core.  The pro-Common Core lobby is surrounded by all sides.  From The National Educational Policy Center (NEP and Susan Finding Common Ground on the … Continue reading

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Constructive Criticism for Common Core Constructivism Deniers #stopcommoncore

Jay P. Greene’s Blog - (Guest Post by James Shuls) Let me start by saying that I share most of Jay Greene’s reservations about the Common Core State Standards. Over the past couple of years, I have had the opportunity to … Continue reading

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Trying to control message #stopcommoncore

The Reporter (CA) - Robert Holland The Heartland Institute Chicago A few days before you ran Earl Heal’s excellent op-ed (“Take a closer look at Common Core Standards,” June 27), U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan gave a mind-boggling speech … Continue reading

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CNN story on inBloom and important update: NYS districts must choose dashboards populated with inBloom data by fall

NYC Public School Parents - A CNN story about inBloom Inc. was posted this morning and will be aired at 3 PM tomorrow, Saturday June 29.  I have also posted it below; please check it out.  It contains an interview with Karen … Continue reading

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