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There are now resolutions in both houses of the Illinois General Assembly which call for the delay of Common Core implementation and the PARRC standardized testing.  These resolutions asks that the Illinois Department of Education delay implementation to study the financial feasibility of Common Core and determine how funding can be achieved.

The ‘delay’ or ‘pause’ strategy has been used in several states as a first step in defeating Common Core.

There is also a bill which limits the sharing of student data without parental consent.

The Common Core System is not a law that can simply be repealed; it is a set of separate programs that were implemented by the Illinois School Board.   



Illinois Senate Resolution SR0638

Illinois Senator Kyle McCarter

Delay Common Core Standards & Testing

Bill Information:

Illinois House Resolution - HR0543

Illinois Representative Dwight Kay

Delay Common Core Standards & Testing

Bill Information:

 Resolution has been moved to the Special Issues sub committee - this is an attempt to table the bill for the rest of the session.

Please call the subcommittee members and demand a hearing.  Click HERE for sub committee members (click on each member name to get contact information.)

Student Data Privacy Bills

Illinois Senate Bill SB3092

Bill Information: 

Illinois House Bill HB4558

Bill Information: 


Common Core implementation is controlled by school districts and school boards

We need your help!  To Stop Common Core we must list ALL school district meeting on our calendar and send out alerts this alert page.

Please email your school district meeting information HERE and it will be listed on the events calendar and in this action alert.


School Board Meetings

Addison Elementary District 4 HERE

Crystal Lake District 47 HERE

Crystal Lake District 155 HERE

DeKalb C.U.S.D 428 HERE

Dupage High School District 88 (Willowbrook & Addison Trail) HERE

Elmhurst School District 205  HERE

Edwardsville :  Regular meetings of the Board of Education shall be held on the second and fourth Mondays of each month, with the usual exceptions of June, July, and December, when the meetings are held on the third Monday of those months. Meetings are scheduled for 7:30 p.m. * Whenever the regular meeting falls on a legal holiday, the date of said meeting will be held on the Tuesday following the holiday.  All board of education meetings through May will be held at Woodland Elementary - 59 S. State Rt. 157, Edwardsville IL unless otherwise noted.

Eureka  (Eureka, Congerville and Goodfield) - CUSD 140 HERE

Germantown Hills - District 69 HERE

Glen Ellyn - Wheaton - Lombard Consolidated District 89 HERE

Glen Ellyn District 41 HERE

Herscher CUSD 2 HERE

Joliet 86 HERE

Lemont - Bromberek School District 113A  HERE

Lockport Township High School District 205 HERE 

Lombard - Villa Park School District 45  HERE

McClean Co. (Normal IL) Unit District 5 HERE

Metamora Grade School HERE

Northbrook - District 28 HERE

Peoria - District 150 HERE

Schiller Park - School District 81 HERE

Wheaton Community Unit District 200 HERE

13 Responses to Action Alerts

  1. Robert Arciola says:

    Awesome work on informing us all as well as getting the message out to us to fight this! I’m pledging my support to defeat CC, too!

  2. Judy says:

    Randy Hultgren’s Common Core Meeting Says SATURDAY August 28th 2013. The 28th is on a Wednesday. So which is it?

    • ilpatriot says:

      It is on a Wednesday. I made a notation of the typo in their flier. Let me see if there is a new corrected version. Thanks!

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  8. Robert says:

    I would hope that the legislature would simply reject the entire idea of CC. It is horrible and people in the state of NY among others are also already rejecting it. We need to do the same here in Illinois while we still can.

  9. Jenny says:

    School is ignoring us with our concerns. We are the “bad” parents hurting our sons education. My son loved math, tested above average and is now below average and cries almost every night doing his math homework he no longer understands. Hey, I don’t even understand 3rd grade math.
    HELP! get us out of CC!!!

  10. Bonny Garcea says:

    I noticed you don’t have the Harlem Consolidated School District 122 listed. It mainly serves Loves Park and Machesney Park near Rockford. The next Board meeting is June 16 at 6 pm at the Harlem Administration Center on Roosevelt Road. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of awareness of Common Core here. I’m a former teacher and currently a tutor. I put things on Facebook and contact representatives. What else can be done? I have two young children and don’t want them exposed to Common Core.

  11. Diane says:

    With the implementation of CC in Alton, they have taken an middle school honors program and destroyed it. They want the more advanced students to help bring up the struggling students. Last year’s math class was a repeat of previous years of learning, therefore they wasted a year of learning. This year it appears to be the same. When speaking to the head principal, I am told that the teacher should challenge each student. The problem with this idea is that there at 30+ students at different learning levels, and the teacher needs to teach them all to pass CC, not excel. Please keep up the work and get CC out of IL. I have emailed the Alton board meeting list.

  12. Russ says:

    Since Common Core is a violation of the U.S. Constitution, why not start class action law suits for rights violations?

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