About Us


Welcome to Stop Common Core Illinois

We are a non-partisan community of Illinois citizens united by our concerns about Common Core in Illinois.

Our core mission is to:

  • Foster communication and collaboration among activists striving to Stop Common Core in Illinois
  • Educate the general public about our concerns regarding Common Core
  • Collate the latest news and information in one convenient place
  • Work with the media to shine a spotlight on Common Core and related issues
  • Share our experiences in Illinois with other state and national organizations

CLICK HERE TO EMAIL US:  [email protected]

Other Illinois Groups Working on Common Core

  • Most Illinois patriot groups/tea parties/9-12 groups have a Common Core resources.  To find you local group please go HERE
  • Illinois Citizens for Better Education (Peoria area): Website HERE
  • More than a Score - working on securing Illinois student privacy (Chicago) Website HERE
  • Common Core of Madison County IL facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Common-Core-of-Madison-County-IL/533355810110925
  • The Heartland Against Common Core (Facebook group)
  • Excellent Illinois Website with Illinois Common Core Information:  http://www.areweawareyet.com/
  • Very comprehensive website with additional information/videos:  Restore Our Constitution Decatur Illinois
  • Heartland Institute in Chicago:  http://heartland.org/

Other National Groups

United Opt Out:  http://unitedoptout.com/

U.S. Parents Involved in Education (US PIE):  http://www.uspie.org/

Conversation Ed:  http://conversationed.com/

3 Responses to About Us

  1. Darlene Sharpe says:

    Thanks for all the work that you do. It is so very important! What will become of our children is we allow our public education be dumbed down as in Common Core?

  2. Noni says:

    Go to Decatur they want a speaker on common core.

    • ilpatriot says:

      There is a great group in Decatur that fights Common Core. They have done presentations as well. Visit http://www.roc-usa.net/

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