The Not So Secret Plan Revealed – No Waiting Til Monday #stopcommoncore

Missouri Education Watchdog -

A few month’s ago Jay P. Greene wrote about the lack of a cohesive plan for the common core proponents.

It’s amazing how some very smart people can commit billions of dollars and  untold human effort to something like Common Core without having thought the thing through.  How exactly did they think this was going to work?  Didn’t they have meetings?  Didn’t someone have to write a paper articulating the theory of change?  Didn’t any of them ever take political science classes or read a book on interest group behavior?

He made reference to a South Park episode with gnomes who had a brilliant plan to steal underpants and sell them for a profit. The problem was they had no idea how that would actually work.

You would think that some 7-8 years after Achieve Inc. put out their American Diploma Project that was, according to Achieve President Michael Cohen’s testimony in NY this past fall “the foundation for the development of  the Common Core Standards” that someone would have come up with a detailed plan for how they were going to affect the biggest fundamental shift in public education ever attempted.

Instead the plan went something like this:

1.  Gather a group of unqualified individuals who have never written a standard in their life to assemble a set of k-12 standards based on the input of a few testing company employees who were pretty sure they could test for these standards.

2. Sneak the standards in to as many states as we can using money or something like a waiver from our last hair brained idea as an incentive.

3. Tell everyone go??

4. Announce success!

Step 4 seems to be a bit illusive at this point. Could it be the weakness of step 3?

Someone finally came up with a plan, or something like  plan. Enter the Council of Chief State School Officers Deputy Executive Director Carissa Miller. They are very concerned about HSLDA’s soon to be released movie “Building The Machine” and want to be sure everyone is braced for impact.

“From: Carissa Moffat Miller
Subject: Anti Common Core Movie, embargoed materials
Chiefs, Deputies, Federal Liaisons and Communication Directors:

Many of you are likely aware of an anti-common core movie slated to be released in a few days. The Home School Legal Defense Association, a Virginia-based organization opposed to the Common Core, has produced a film called “Building the Machine.” The film’s anticipated online release date (which has changed several times), is currently set for March 31, 2014. The film implies that the Common Core was created through politics, misinformation and corruption. Using stark graphics and ominous music, the film features interviews with Common Core opponents arguing against the standards’ development and implementation—interspersed with misleading snippets of interviews from Common Core supporters.  You can watch a trailer for the film here.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Fordham have put together the attached two documents that can be used to clarify the vast amount of misinformation that will be circulated as a result of the movie. Please note – these are EMBARGOED until Monday, March 31st. Please do not distribute.” (oops)

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