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This post is the sixth (and final) post in a series I have written detailing Bill Gates’ mammoth purchasing of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). (Here are links to the previous five posts in the series.)

In the fifth post, I mentioned that this final post would be Gates’ CCSS funding of education businesses. Then, I realized I needed to account for the nonprofits not yet discussed. So, they, too, are represented here.

In this series, I wanted to present complete information from the Gates grants website. Therefore, the organizations listed in this final post of the series include all recipients of Gates CCSS funding not included in previous posts.

In short, the organizations included in Parts One thru Six are a comprehensive listing of the $173.5 million in Gates funding designated for CCSS as of October 4, 2013.

All organizations receiving Gates CCSS funding can be found here, with the exception of one grant to the Fordham Foundation, which can be found here.

The list copied below can be found in Word document form here: Gates Money for CCSS to Businesses and Nonprofits.

Gates CCSS Funding to Businesses and (As of Yet Unexamined) Nonprofits

Bill Gates has paid a total of $51.5 million to the businesses and nonprofits on the list below. Most of these recipients agree to the simple directive of “implementing the Common Core State Standards”:

Achievement Network                           $3,452,501

America’s Promise                                     $500,000

Battelle for Kids                                          $249,808

Benchmark Education Company, LLC      $25,000

BetterLesson, Inc.                                    $3,527,240

Center for Applied Linguistics                  $249,396

Center for Curriculum Redesign, Inc.      $198,000

Center for Teaching Quality, Inc.              $645,307

Common Core, Inc.                                      $550,844

Common Ground Software, Inc.               $500,000

ConnectEDU, Inc.                                         $499,375

Council for a Strong America                  $1,550,000

Creative Commons Corporation            $1,099,687

Cristo Rey Network                                      $556,006

Education Development Center, Inc.        $211,795

Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound, Inc.                                                     


Filament Games, LLC                                     $25,000

Fund for Public Schools, Inc.                   $1,815,810

JUMP Math                                                     $698,587

iCivics, Inc.                                                      $500,000

Khan Academy, Inc.                                   $5,544,028

Learning Forward                                          $999,795

LearnZillion, Inc.                                         $1,215,525

Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education, Inc.                                             


MetaMetrics, Inc.                                         $3,468,005

National Center for Family Literacy, Inc.   $236,796

National Math and Science Initiative, Inc. $248,760

National Paideia Center                                 $659,788

New Teacher Center                                       $250,000

New Venture Fund                                          $578,000

New Visions for Public Schools, Inc.         $8,399,935

Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children     $240,000

Prichard Committee for Academic  Excellence


Reasoning Mind, Inc.                                       $742,996

Research in Action, Inc.                                $1,309,409

Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, Inc.    $4,618,652

Scholastic, Inc.                                                $4,463,541

Six Red Marbles, LLC                                        $500,000

State Education Technology                           $500,000

WestEd                                                                  $30,000

If I attempted to examine all grant details represented by this list, this post would never end. Therefore, I will discuss a few of the larger Gates payouts listed above.

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